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Nynke's Pleats is located in the terp village of Piaam, just behind the old sea dike between Makkum (2 km) and Workum (8 km). The hamlet dates back to the 13th century when the sea still had free rein to the mound on which it was built. Just opposite the entrance to Nynke's Pleats is the 13th-century Gothic single-aisled church.


Nynke's Pleats is a special agricultural national monument. The farm owes its name to the last resident of the 'Pleats': Nynke Postma (1902-1980). She is buried next to the 13th-century church opposite the farm. It was a mixed farm: cattle were kept in the barn and the fields were also worked.


Making a 17th-century nationally listed thatched farmhouse more sustainable: few people have dared to take on that challenge or have succeeded. Nynke's Pleats has become completely sustainable, without affecting the monumental values. It will become an exemplary sustainable place, in balance with the natural environment, where you can stay pleasantly all year round.

what to do in the area

Piaam itself is one of the smallest villages in Friesland, but there is a lot to see and do in the area.

about us

In August 2020, Nynke's Pleats came into the hands of new owners, who have restored the national monument and have given it a new function that will do justice to the cultural-historical value and the connection with the environment.