Yes we know, it is now the end of 2022 and we still haven’t let you know how far we are… and of course it’s quite a big ‘project’ such a farm of over 600 m2. We also misjudged that … Lees meer

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NEW-OLD ‘uilenborden’

In 1972, the farm received a new thatched roof and new typical Frisian owl panels (‘uilenborden’ in Dutch, ‘ûleboerd’ in Frisian). Since we also have to replace the entire hood and the owl signs need a makeover, we of course … Lees meer

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reed, reed and more reed…

In June, the restoration of the thatched roof of the barn started. The last time the farm had completely new thatch was more than 50 years ago. Such a roof can last quite a long time, but unfortunately it has … Lees meer

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Waddenfund honors project ‘Punt Piaam’

PRESS RELEASE With the ‘Punt Piaam’ project, the beautiful terp village of Piaam will once again become a real destination for anyone who wants to connect with this special cultural heritage, the landscape, nature and the vision of biodiversity and … Lees meer

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We had been looking forward to it for a while, but on Tuesday 5 January the time had come: dendrochronologist Paul Borghaerts, who specializes in Frisian farms, came by to examine and date the wooden construction of the beams in … Lees meer

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