PIAAM – Engels


A unique terp village behind the old sea dike

Nynke's Pleats is located in the terp village of Piaam, just behind the old sea dike between Makkum (2 km) and Workum (8 km). It has a protected status, consists of about 15 houses and two churches and about 35 people live there. The village dates back to the 13th century when the sea still had the change to flood the land sometimes and the small artificial hill (terp) was protecting the church and farm houses around it. Just opposite the entrance to the Nynke Pleats is the 13th-century Gothic single-aisled church. It is, like Nynke's Pleats and the head-neck-trunk farm known as Piaam State, a national listed building. In the 1960s there were far-reaching plans to turn Piaam into a real museum village. The conversion of the farm into a restaurant was an important part of this. Piaam has been part of the Ald Faers Erfroute and the Zuiderzeeroute for many years. In the summer there are still many cyclists and walkers who come and enjoy this special place.

historical footage

The historical photos on this website come from various sources. Some were hanging on the wall in the restaurant, some were found in online archives and some were found in private family albums and sent to us. If you have more information about the photos or if you have any photos to add, we would love to hear from you!

Bird watching

Every autumn, hundreds of thousands of geese fly over Piaam to the south. They spend the night on the fields around the terp village. It's a beautiful sight. The nature areas outside the dikes in the IJsselmeer just across the dike at Piaam are also a well-known place for bird watchers. In addition, the village houses a small bird museum that has unfortunately been (temporarily) closed since 2019. Check the museum's website for the latest information.

Duck decoys

Nynke's Pleats is located in the protected demarcation area of two 17th-century duck decoys: one privately owned and the Buismanskoai next to it. These duck decoys used to be the domain of the decoy, who caught ducks here to sell as a delicacy. The Buismanskoai is maintained by It Fryske Gea and can be visited with a guide.