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Nynke's Pleats Foundation

Chamber of Commerce number 82387699 - cultural ANBI foundation Board: • Vera Carasso (chairman/treasurer) • Dirk Stolp (secretary) • Jan Tichelaar (general member) The board members receive no remuneration for their board activities.

The Nynke's Pleats Foundation wants visitors to connect with the special cultural and natural hsitorical location. The foundation does this by: • Initiating and organizing cultural and sustainable activities in and around Nynke's Pleats farm for both local residents and an (inter)national audience. • Developing the terrain around the farm. • The sustainable exploitation of the farm and the surrounding area, with attention to biodiversity and nature. • Raising funds and generating income to achieve the objectives.

In August 2020, Nynke's Pleats came into the hands of new owners, who decided to restore the listed farmhouse and give it a new function that will do justice to the cultural-historical value and the connection with the environment. This requires a lot of patience, passion and expertise. Architect Bob van Wely, specialised in sustainable projects (www.bvwely.nl) and heritage specialist Vera Carasso have already realized several special projects together, including the renovation of a listed building in Amsterdam and the complete transformation of a 1958 fishing boat into a comfortable home. They had been looking for a location in Friesland for a long time and they fell for Nynke's Pleats. They want to use their expertise and experience to restore the farm for the future, so that many people can experience this special place again. When the redevelopment is completed, the organization of activities and operation of the farm will be done by the foundation.

Bob van Wely*

"During our search in Friesland, I immediately fell in love with this beautiful place. It is an amazingly beautiful listed building and it has endless possibilities. Of course a lot needs to be done, but I don't see that as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to to make everything even more beautiful and to make it more sustainable. I hope that many people will enjoy it." *and Tinus!

Vera Carasso

heritage specialist
"I've been coming to Friesland all my life and I've always had the dream of being able to develop my own place in this beautiful environment. The repurposing of Nynke's Pleats is an immense job, but Bob and I have taken steps like this before and I am convinced that the end result will be beautiful and will do justice to the special national monument."