Nynke's Pleats gets a new destination. The former restaurant is being thoroughly renovated, restored and made sustainable. The surrounding yard will be developed into a public resting place and the terp meadow will be restored. From mid-2023, the barn can be used as a comfortable guest house for up to 20 people and the large space in the barn will be used for cultural activities and special gatherings. Het Voorhuis can be rented since March 2023. Do you want to stay informed of all developments? Then sign up for our newsletter.

"Beautiful! Views all around. Close to a nature reserve with bird lookout with spectacular views of the IJsselmeer. A very nice house, far from being furnished as a holiday home, equipped with every luxury, beautiful art and antiques, as if you are staying in a private house, where you do not want to leave."
Tenant April 2023

The Voorhuis has been available for rent since March 2023. The first tenants have already arrived and are very enthusiastic!


Yes we know, it is now the end of 2022 and we still haven’t let you know how far we are… and of course it’s quite a big ‘project’ such a farm of over 600 m2. We also misjudged that … Lees meer

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NEW-OLD ‘uilenborden’

In 1972, the farm received a new thatched roof and new typical Frisian owl panels (‘uilenborden’ in Dutch, ‘ûleboerd’ in Frisian). Since we also have to replace the entire hood and the owl signs need a makeover, we of course … Lees meer

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reed, reed and more reed…

In June, the restoration of the thatched roof of the barn started. The last time the farm had completely new thatch was more than 50 years ago. Such a roof can last quite a long time, but unfortunately it has … Lees meer

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the redevelopment of nynke's pleats is supported by:


Especially for the repurposing of the nationally listed farm as a public place for cultural activities and as a sustainable guesthouse


Especially for the outsite development, the restoration of the terp meadow in the center of the village and the public rest area for cyclists and walkers with information point

provinsje fryslân

Especially for the restoration of the monumental thatched roof

'artyste' in residence

From 2023, the Nynke's Pleats Foundation will invite artists, writers, musicians and researchers a few times a year for a stay of 1 or 2 weeks in the front house, where they can be inspired by the special environment. Interested in becoming an 'Artyste in Residence'? Please contact us!


The restoration and renovation of Nynke's Pleats will certainly last until mid-2023 and the development of the outsite with the resting point until the end of 2023. We will start with the rental from spring and you can expect a nice public program from us. Do you want to stay informed of all developments and upcoming activities? Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.